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Studio Photographer FAQ

Hey there! I'm back with some more FAQs but this time relating to my studio sessions. Are you torn on which to book? Or want some clarification what each session is all about? Then hopefully my curated list of FAQs will give you just that. Of course if you do have any other questions, throw them my way!

Your questions will probably differ depending on which type of session you're opting for. So I've broken them down into helpful categories for you.

Firstly, Newborn, followed by Cake Smash and finally Portrait Session questions.


Do I need to bring anything?

Yes! If your baby takes a dummy then please bring that along as they can help settle baby when being moved in between poses or props. Also if your baby is bottle/formula fed please bring along enough for a couple of feeds as with all the moving around they can be woken easily and become hungry quicker than usual. Finally, but you've probably thought of this anyway, all the usual changing items in case baby needs a fresh nappy.

Now for the actual shoot you don't need to bring anything along, however, if there is a favourite outfit / blanket / teddy / memento then please feel free and I will try my best to incorporate it into your session.

What age is best for a newborn session?

Best time to have your session is when baby is anywhere between 5 - 14 days old.

Can a newborn session happen after this time?

Yes, although baby might be less likely to want to be swaddled and posed.

Why are newborn sessions so long?

These sessions are much longer than your standard studio session to ensure there is plenty of time for nappy changes, cuddles with mum or dad if necessary and time for feeds.

How do newborn sessions work?

Newborn sessions (depending on which package chosen) start with wrapping baby so they feel safe in their new environment and beginning with props. After using whichever selection of props you have chosen we then move to beanbag poses, baby can be wrapped and/or in an outfit of your choice. Then, if you have chosen the package which includes family images, this is when they will take place.

Is there anything I should do to prep for the session?

It is best baby comes with a full tummy and tuckered out! This means try to feed just before you leave the house and on the morning of your session give your baby some time in the bath, this will tire them out and paired with the car journey to get to me, should get them into a nice slumber. It is also vital baby comes in easy to remove clothing to ensure minimal disruption.


Do I need to bring anything?

This will depend on which package you have chosen, you may need to bring the cake smash outfit and clean clothes for little one to go home in. Also, if your baby struggles with any skin issues I recommend bringing your own baby bath if you've opted for the package to include the splash.

I also recommend bringing little ones favourite drink as sometimes the icing can get a little dense on their throat.

Finally, just in case your little one is taking some time to warm up to their cake, it can help to bring along their favourite snack that we can hide in the back of the cake.

Are these sessions only suitable for 1 year olds?

These sessions are mostly aimed at 1 year olds however 2 year olds can also join in on the fun! But please be aware 2 year olds are usually a little bit more reluctant to get messy, this does depend on the individual child but is definitely something to keep in mind. Also the only package suitable for 2 year olds is the Milk Package due to the bath not being big enough for them.

What if my child doesn't like getting messy?

If your little one isn't a fan of mess then I highly recommend you opt for a standard portrait session.

What if my child doesn't like cake?

If your little one isn't a fan of sweet things or doesn't like the texture then I would also recommend opting for a standard portrait session. These can be a lot of fun with props and wont cause any tears.

What happens during a cake smash?

So I will greet your little one immediately to try and from a trusting bond, we'll get them changed and ready to pop them right onto the backdrop to get them used to the environment and take some clean shots first, we'll then introduce the cake. Little ones will definitely let us know when they've had enough of the cake and when its time to move on. If you've opted for the package without the bath then we'll get them cleaned down with wipes or if you've opted for the package with the bath we will move on to the splash part of the session.

Is there anything I can do to prep for the session?

Yes! Please give your little one a cupcake leading up to the session. At this age they may not have been introduced to cake yet, so this will help them get used to the textures, mess and the sweet taste.


Do I need to bring anything?

Yes, please bring along your best outfits - I do have clothes for 8 months - 1 year olds which you are more than welcome to use if you like them and they fit your little one.

What ages are these sessions suitable for?

These sessions are suitable for babies that can sit (approx 6-8 months) and any age upwards, right up until adults!

Can we bring multiple outfits?

You are welcome to bring outfits for a change but please bare in mind this will eat into your session time and too many changes may upset the little ones.

Is there somewhere private to change, if required?

Yes, I have bathroom facilities on site which is a great private room for changing.

It also includes a baby changing station.

Can we have themed sets for like for cake smashes?

Yes, but depending on what your after and which package you've chosen this could cost more (especially for a bespoke set).

Can we do an outdoor session instead of in the studio?

Yes of course, there are many park locations around Birmingham we can take advantage of. However, if there are charges for entrance and/or photography fees then these charges will be your responsibility to pay.

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