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What's a sitter session and why you should book one?

What's a sitter session and why you should book one? Sitter sessions, unfortunately have to be my least booked session and I think it's because just not enough people know about them and how fun and amazing they can be!

First thing first, who are sitter sessions for? Well exactly what they say in the name, they are for sitters, babies who are aged around 6-9 months, can sit unaided and can't yet or are just learning to crawl.

Sitter sessions are ideal if you never got the chance to book in a newborn session but still want images documenting that first year before they're one. However they're also perfect to help capture each milestone of babies first year. This time goes by so quickly, especially the first year, and I always have parents mention their regret of not capturing more memories during those early stages. Each step in babies first 12 months are remarkable milestones that deserve to be captured, I feel once they're able to sit unaided and begin to interact with others you really see their personality bloom, and what better way to save these moments forever than with some beautiful professional images.

Sitter sessions consist of a simple coloured backdrop, this is so all attention is on baby and no distractions. I like to grab photos of just baby first and then we can begin to add things in, such as fluffy textures, little ones favourite teddy bear, wooden toys and wooden props such as the cot bed pictured above. Keeping things simple ensures these images are timeless and will always look great on the wall of any room in your house.

These sessions ideally would last 30 - 45 minutes as any longer than that and the little one is sure to get bored and tired, after all holding themselves up at this age is still a mammoth task!

So that's it, a little bit more information of my most underrated sessions and definitely one of my favourites. Don't hesitate to contact me today if you wish to get your little one booked in and make some more memories!

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