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What to expect when you book a cake smash?

Your little prince or princess is turning one, you know you want to book in but you have no idea what to expect when you book a cake smash? Let me help!

pink and white balloon garland first birthday cake smash set
Pink & White Balloon Garland Set

So first things first is to familiarise yourself with my packages. All my packages are supplied with the decor and the cake! You are even entitled to use the client wardrobe we have on offer, although you are more than welcome to bring your own outfits for your little ones session.

Lets talk packages, I have 3 to choose from, starting from £180 going up to £280+ ( the plus sign is because the top package is a bespoke package so prices will vary depending on what you choose for this package). The Milk package, which is priced at £180 includes the decor, cake, client wardrobe, 60 minute photo session and 5 edited digital images. The Flour package, which is priced at £230 includes the decor, cake, client wardrobe, splash time, 90 minute photo session and 10 edited digital images. Finally the Sugar package, which price point starts from £280 includes all the same things as the Flour package but with 15 images and a fully bespoke set.

So lets say you've decided on your package, its time to chat to me! My first question will be "does your little one have any allergies?" this is beacuse I supply the cake, this is very important information I will need to know. If the answer is no then we can swiftly move on, if the answer is yes I will have to chat to my baker to make sure they can accomodate the allergy, if they can't you are welcome to bring your own cake and the cost of the cake I usually supply will be deducted from your final balance. Still with me so far?

Next step, if you haven't included a specific date and time in your initial enquiry, is we pick a date that works best for both! I will ask if theres any dates or times you have a preference for and we will work it out from there.

bunny themed first birthday cake smash
Some Bunny Is One

Once all the nitty gritty stuff is out of the way, then its time for the fun bit! Time to plan the set for your little one's smash. Now don't worry, I'm not expecting you to know all the answers, it can simply start with a colour theme and we can work on it from there. I will always take the lead when planning sessions but I most definitely want your input, at the end of the day these images are for you and your baby so I want to make sure I do this as perfectly as possible for you! The images you see on my website / instagram / facebook can be used as direct influence or as inspiration for any set. Let's say you've seen my pink and white balloon garland set, but your little girl hates pink? Thats okay we can change things up! You love the balloon garland idea but your little ones birthday is space themed? That's no problem, I can work my magic on a set like that! When it comes to sending me inspo images off Pinterest, I absolutely have no problem with that but remember these are inspiration images and I will put my own spin on the idea as I'd hate to copy a fellow photographer who has worked hard to create their own sets.

Sounds easy peasy now, right?

All there is left to do is then pay your non-refundable deposit and that is it! Your little ones cake smash is booked in and the rest of the work is down to me. The remainder of the session will need to be paid on the day of the cake smash, this can be paid by cash or card (unfortunately American Express is not accepted).

blue and taupe balloon garland first birthday cake smash set
Blue & Taupe Balloon Garland Set

A couple small notes to add on the end. Firstly, PLEASE ensure you wear clothes YOU don't mind getting dirty. Its a rare occasion I and the mums/dads don't get a bit of cake on us too! But who doesn't love cake? Secondly, if it is possible to give your little one a cupcake or two leading up to their session, so they can get used to the taste and textures of the cake and icing, that way it isn't a big shock on the day.

So I hope that has helped answer any queries you may have had about booking in a cake smash? Of course if there are questions I haven't answered you can always pop me an email and I'll be sure to help out!

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We can't wait to bring Charlie along for his Cake Smash session as part of his first birthday celebrations!

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Can’t wait to have Charlie in the studio! :D

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